New Features:

  • Color: Fill Color/ Stroke Color > Random > HSL > Hue Range
    • The hue range color slider now has an “invert range” button, where users can now more easily select a range hue range of pink-yellow.
  • Color Sets:
    • Items in color sets can now be re-arranged via drag-and-drop.
  • Selection: New Mode: “Every Nth
    • Select every objects in a selection, where is a configurable number.


Major refactoring has taken place with this update, which should be mostly not noticeable for users.

  • The Randomill UI has been upgraded from JavaScript to TypeScript, which should hopefully lead to more stable, bug-free operation.
  • The global state of the Randomill plugin is now tracked and changed via Redux.
  • Payment processing has moved from Gumroad to WooPayments.
  • License management has moved from Gumroad to an in-house license server.


  • Presets from 2.1.0 and below will not work with this version! Lots of stuff has changed under the hood, including the way presets are handled, so unfortunately, if you use presets, you’ll have to re-create them.
  • Minor optimizations.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.

This is a free upgrade!

If you’ve have an existing Randomill v2 license, you can upgrade to this new version for free. However, since the licensing system has changed, there is a bit of work involved.

To upgrade, head to the checkout page, and use your license key as a coupon code for a one-time 100%-off discount to this new version. This will essentially act as a license migration.