New Features:

  • New duplication mode:In-Place Duplication“.
  • Layer order functions: All layer order functions re-written to have more intuitive behavior. Layers are now re-ordered only relative to one another and the order of intermediate but unselected layers does not change. Layers will no longer move to the bottom of their respective parent layers.
  • Respect parent layers: layer order functions now have the option to respect parent layers. When this option is checked, layers will only be arranged and re-ordered relative to other selected layers within that same parent layer. Conversely, when the option is unchecked, layers can now be re-ordered between multiple nested parent layers.
    • The arrange mode works slightly differently with this option. With the option checked, it will actually move and re-order nested layers. With the option unchecked, all layers will move to directly under the first object that is determined to be in the new sorting order.
  • Flip minor axis sorting: the arrange layer order function now has an option to flip minor axis sorting in the event of objects occupying the same place along the major axis.
  • Preset backwards compatibility & error correction: Preset loading now error corrects incomplete preset file data, making this version of Randomill compatible with presets from Randomill 2.0.0. However, when importing old presets, take care to look over the settings and make sure everything’s right. Randomill will warn you that there was some missing or extraneous data. To avoid this warning in the future, just re-save the preset and overwrite the old one.
    • Extraneous data from preset files is not imported.
    • Missing data from preset files is kept from the current panel settings.
  • Experimental fast select: slow selection has been solved with the addition of ‘Experimental Fast Select’. This is actually a game-changer since selection across large groups of objects was so slow. It’s disabled by default due to potential reliability issues, but users can enable it when needed and then just save custom defaults so it’s always enabled from that point on.
  • Script execution timestamps: timestamps are now taken for every script execution and viewable in the log. Now users can know exactly how long various functions are taking to execute.
  • Fly-out menu: loading default settings is now possible from the Fly-out menu without having to restart Randomill.

User Interface Changes:

  • There are more useful alerts and error messages that cover a wider range of possible issues users may encounter.
  • Additional buttons added to the font tree, allowing for fast expansion and collapsing of sub-trees.
  • Some tooltips have been refined in terms of content and styling.
  • Some types log entries have been modified to be more clearly structured.
  • More robust overall logging, including exact error output in the event of runtime errors.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where if ‘Restart Every N Steps’ is enabled AND ‘N Steps’ was set to 0 AND ‘Include First Object’ was enabled, then Randomill would incorrectly calculate the current loop iteration, and thus result in the wrong value.
  • Fixed a bug where in some rare instances the panel theme settings wouldn’t load correctly on startup.
  • Fixed bug where choosing a preset to load or save would sometimes result in an error stemming from buggy file path parsing.
  • Fixed a bug where loading presets could potentially bring in extraneous data.
  • Fixed a bug where loading multiple presets in one section might not update the entire panel UI in all scenarios.
  • Fixed a bug where loading presets wouldn’t update some changed aspects of the UI.
  • Fixed a big where loading presets wouldn’t clear out front-end color set data.
  • Fixed a bug in grid duplication where objects would be incorrectly grouped and grid generation would pause halfway through.
  • Fixed bug where text scaling failed when values of 0 were used.


  • Various code optimizations.
  • Some major refactoring to use newer JavaScript features for the front-end.
  • Sample art updated on website.
  • New pages on website written documenting new features.