New Features:

  • Presets for the plugin can now be saved and loaded via the flyout menu. Now if you like the effect you’re able to make with the settings you’ve dialed into the plugin, you can save those settings to a file and load them back in later to reproduce that same effect without having to manually adjust each settings.
  • Anchor selection for the scale and rotate functions can now be randomized. Now each object in a selection can be scaled/rotated around a randomly selected anchor for that object.
  • The log (accessible from the flyout menu) has been much improved.
    • Log height is now adjustable and persistent.
    • Important messages in the log are formatted according to their content. Warnings are in yellow, errors are in red, success messages are in green, and other important messages are in a bold font weight and have a text shadow to differentiate them from regular log messages.


  • The main control section of the plugin now stays stuck to the top of the panel, removing the need to scroll up every time you need to randomize if you’re deep in the settings of the plugin.
  • The various color schemes for the plugin have been tweaked in small ways to bring everything more in line with Illustrator’s default colors.
  • The ‘About’ section has been removed, and has been replaced with a ‘Website’ link in the flyout menu that leads users to