The first update to Randomill is now live, featuring a few minor feature additions, some bugfixes, and other minor changes. The new version is available to download via Gumroad. See the changelog below:

New Features:

  • Extended compatibility down to Illustrator CC 2018.
  • Added runtime measurement that can be viewed in the log.
  • Added ‘Reposition Gradient Fills’ Checkbox to the Random Position module.


  • Fixed bug where gradients with color stops of type ‘SpotColor’ in them would not import into color sets.
  • Fixed bug where the ‘Fill Patterns’ checkbox in the Position advanced options was not behaving correctly.
  • Fixed bug where the panel would be all black in the event of CSS theme load failure.


  • Changed the Contact flyout menu option to route to the Contact page of the Randomill website.
  • Optimized efficiency of the random selection algorithm. New algorithm perfoms 15-30% faster.
  • Log styling changed to use monospace font and larger font size for legibility.