Select which fonts you want to use for randomization.

Randomill will automatically pull in the list of installed and available fonts on your system, and display them in a tree-like hierarchy based on font family. You can select entire families, or just individual fonts that will be added to the randomization list.

Find fonts easily with a search-able font list.

Don’t scroll down through hundreds of fonts just to choose the one you’re looking for. Use the search box and the list will automatically filter to display whatever you’re looking for.

Change the font of every text object, paragraph, sentence, word, or character.

Randomill allows you to dig into individual text objects and randomize the fonts of individual words or characters within those objects. This can be a great way to get a sort of ‘ransom note’ effect for your text objects without having to painstakingly go through each character and change the font manually.

Normalize font randomization based on font family.

Some font families have way more individual fonts in them than others. For example, something like Helvetica Neue LT Pro has about 30 fonts in it where another font like Bank Gothic might only have one or two fonts.

This leads to the problem of any font randomization being overwhelmingly tilted towards a Helvetica font in terms of odds of font being chosen.

You can get around this problem by using the ‘Normalize font randomization based on font family’ checkbox. This way, font families are first chosen randomly, and then a subfont within those families is chosen to be applied.

Combine with other functions for the best effect.

Color randomization, and scale randomization can work well with font randomization to achieve some truly interesting results. Color and scale can also be modified on a per-word or per-character basis, so you can really go wild and experiment.

Remember to refresh the font list when necessary.

If you’re loading in an old preset, or have a font list that’s different than the one in the preset you’re loading, remember to refresh your font list. Otherwise, you could run into an issue where a font that’s not installed on your system may be attempted to be applied to one of your text objects.

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