Apply colors in order to a color set, over and over. Do you have a 10×10 grid of squares that you’d like to be colored in a Red, Yellow, Blue order? Just add those colors to the color set and use this function. This can be great for creating complex checkerboard patterns.

Layer order matters.

Colors will be assigned to selected objects in the order of those object in their layer stack. For example, let’s say you have red, yellow, and blue in your color set and you have 10 squares next to each other selected in the document. This would be the result.

  • Square 1 (top-most square in the layer stack): Red
  • Square 2 (next-highest square in the stack): Yellow
  • Square 3: Blue
  • Square 4: Red
  • Square 5: Yellow
  • Square 6: Blue
  • Square 7: Red
  • Square 8: Yellow
  • Square 9: Blue
  • Square 10: Red

Usage tips

This function can be a great way to create complex cascading checkerboard patterns. Keep in mind that multiple color types can be added into the color set including gradients, spot colors, the ‘nocolor’ color, and more.

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