Reverse selected object layer order in Adobe Illustrator.

This function is really simple. It will reverse the layer order of all selected objects in the document. The way it does this depends on whether or not the ‘respect parent layers’ checkbox is checked or not. Intermediate unselected layers are unchanged in terms of their position in the layer stack.

Parent layers can be respected.

When this option is checked, layers are reversed only relative to other selected layers in their same parent layer. Parent layers remain unmoved in the overall layer stack. When the option is unchecked, layers are all reversed relative to each other, but may move between parent layers (even between deeply nested parent layers).

When might this function be useful?

Many of Randomill’s functions are dependent on the layer order of the objects it operates on. For example, shifting scale down 1% from object to object will look very different among objects that are arranged in reverse order in the layer stack. Sometimes, you may want to execute an operation in Randomill in ‘reverse order’. To accomplish this, you would first have to reverse the layer order using this function, then execute whatever operation you were trying to do. You can always just reverse the layer order back when you’re done.

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