Sort object layer order by where those objects are in the document.

This function is a great way to organize your layer stack, and prep it for subsequent uses of other Randomill functions. All selected objects will be sorted by their (X, Y) positions in the document, with the topmost, leftmost, rightmost, or bottommost object ending up on top of the layer stack depending on which sub-mode you choose.

When would this function be used?

Let’s say you have a bunch of objects scattered in a random layer order, and you want a seamless color blend to go between these objects from top-to-bottom.

Because the color blend function in Randomill works by iterating over objects based on their layer order, you need to first sort these objects based on their Y position in the document.

You could simply select the ‘Top-most objects on top’ radio in the Randomill interface, execute the layer arrange function, and you’d then be ready to perform the color blend.

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