Random stroke plugin for Illustrator

Randomize Stroke Weight in Adobe Illustrator

Apply a random stroke weight to each object in a selection from a minimum and maximum value. Compatible with paths, compound paths, groups, and text.

Stroke randomization in Adobe Illustrator can be used to create or augment many kinds of designs, or to add some depth to a group of objects to make them appear as if they were farther or closer to the viewer based on their stroke thickness. This stroke randomization script for Illustrator combines well with the color and scale randomization as well.

illustrator random stroke script

Stroke Weight Interface Guide

1. Minimum Stroke Weight

This is the bottom end of the stroke weight range. Generated stroke values will never be below this number. Multiple units are supported, including points, picas, pixels, inches, centimeters, and millimeters.

2. Maximum Stroke Weight

The top end of the stroke weight range. Generated stroke values will be no larger than this value.

3. Step Size

Random values for the stroke weight will be generated in increments of this value. For example, the settings in the screenshot would yield stroke weights between 0 and 5 points in 0.5 point increments.

4. Stroked Object Filter

When this option is checked, random stroke weights are only applied to already-stroked objects within the selection. Objects without a stroke are left unchanged.

5. Zero Value Filter

When checked, any object that has a stroke weight value of 0 generated for it will instead have an empty stroke applied to it, becoming non-stroked. When unchecked, objects that have a 0pt stroke generated for them will remain stroked and will retain their stroke color, but the stroke value will be zero.

See Randomill's Illustrator random stroke script in action:

Randomize the stroke weight (and other parameters) of these squares to help create a cool rainbow diamond illustration. Many of Randomill's other features are also used.