Choose a minimum and maximum rotation value for Randomill to select from.

Just type in a minimum and maximum value in the panel settings, and Randomill will randomly choose a value in that range to rotate each object by.

Choose, or randomize the anchor around which each object is rotated.

Using the Anchor selection grid in the Advanced Options rollout, you can specify which anchor (or ‘reference point’) each object will be rotated around. To further increase the randomness of your design, you can check the Random Anchor checkbox to make it so each object will be rotated from a randomly chosen anchor.

Selectively rotate just one property of an object.

Random rotation can be applied to just the objects, just their gradient fills, fill patterns, or stroke patterns independently to get the exact result you desire. Just select which properties you’d like rotation to apply to under the ‘Apply rotation to’ section in the Advanced Options rollout.

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