Randomly move and change the position of all selected objects in Adobe Illustrator.

This random move illustrator script works by applying a randomly generated offset to the current position of each selected object. All of Illustrator’s distance units are compatible, and can be used interchangeably. Dial in the settings by entering minimum and maximum range values for horizontal and vertical offsets. This random position function is compatible with every type of object in Illustrator.

Use a step size to further dial in your desired result.

Using a step size value can really hone in your desired outcome by changing which values between your specified minimum and maximum position offsets can be selected. By default, objects are moved vertically and horizontally anywhere from -72 pts, to 72 pts. The step size is 18 pts by default. This means that objects will move either left, right, up, or down a maximum of 1 inch. The 18pt step size means that objects will move in increments of 18pts, or a quarter inch.

A note on performance with large numbers of objects.

Please note: randomizing the position of large sets of objects (thousands of objects) can take a very long time, or could potentially even crash Illustrator. This is due to the fact that Illustrator scripts unfortunately trigger a redraw of the document every time object position is changed. Remember to save your work before using this function on large groups of objects.

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