Random order plugin for Illustrator

Randomize or Reverse order in Adobe Illustrator

Quickly and easily reverse or randomize the layer order of a group of objects in Illustrator. Compatible across all types of Illustrator objects.

Randomizing layer order is a great way to add variety to backgrounds or textural designs quickly and easily.  This random order illustrator script works on a per-layer basis. This means that if your selection has objects on multiple parent or child layers, those parent/child layers retain their order, and object order is only randomized for sibling objects within their own parent layers. Randomizing layer order works well when used in tandem with Randomill’s random opacity and random blend mode function.

See the YouTube video below for a demonstration of how randomizing layer order of the diamonds leads to crucial changes in the design that help it reach its final state.

illustrator random order script

Order Interface Guide

1. Random Order

Randomize the order of all selected objects. Objects order will be scrambled via randomly selecting objects and sending them to the back of their layer stack. This will result in objects ending up at the bottom of their layer stacks after the operation. Objects on multiple different layers will only be randomly ordered within their own layers.

2. Reverse Order

Reverse the order of all selected objects. Object order will be reversed on a per-layer basis. Objects on multiple different layers will only be reversed in their own layers.

View Randomill's random order illustrator script in a real use case scenario:

See a demonstration of randomizing layer order in Adobe Illustrator. The arrangement of diamonds relies heavily on blend modes and transparency effects to achieve their look, so randomizing their layer order really changes the whole effect.