Easily randomize the opacity of all objects in a selection in Adobe Illustrator.

Randomizing opacity is  a great way to give your patterns and background textures that extra bit of variety to make them non-repetitive. It’s also a great tool for layering shapes and objects on top of each other to create interesting overlap effects. Randomizing opacity works well when combined with the random blend mode feature.

Use a step size value to further dial in your desired result.

A step-size field allows for even more granular control over the generated opacity values. The step size determines what values between the min and max values can be chosen.

For example, setting an opacity minimum of 50% and maximum of 100% with a step size value of 1% would result in Randomill applying a random opacity of 50%-100% in 1% increments to all objects in a selection.

Turning the step size up to 10% would result in Randomill only choosing 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, 90%, or 100% values, since it can only choose values between 50%-100% that are multiples of 10%.

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