Random blend mode plugin for Illustrator

Randomize Blend Mode in Adobe Illustrator

Randomize the blend mode of every object in a selection based on which blend modes are checked in the interface. Compatible with all types of objects within Illustrator.

Blend mode randomization can help you create complex layered transparencies in your backgrounds, textures, and other designs. This random blend mode illustrator script is excellent when used in conjunction with some of Randomill’s other features, especially the random opacity function. Using this function is simple. Just select which blend modes you’d like to randomly apply to your selection, and just click the randomize button. Each selected blend mode has an equal chance of being chosen for each object in your selection. One way to give a ‘weighted’ preference to certain blend modes is by using Randomill’s random selection function to then apply preferred blend modes. For example, if you’d like one blend mode to appear more often than the others, randomize the blend modes, then select some percentage of objects using the random select function, and apply your preferred blend mode. This is just one of the many ways that Randomill’s various functions can be used in tandem with one another.

illustrator random blend mode script

Blend Mode Interface Guide

1. Blend Mode Filter

List of blend modes that are included for randomization. For example: if every blend mode is checked, then objects within the selection may have any of these blend modes randomly applied to them. If only ‘Normal’ and ‘Multiply’ are checked, all objects in the selection will have their blend modes randomly changed to either ‘Normal’ or ‘Multiply’.

2. Check All

A quick button to check all blend modes. All checked blend modes have an equal chance of being applied to objects in your selection.

2. Uncheck All

Unchecks all blend modes. At least one blend mode must be checked if the blend mode function is enabled. Otherwise, and alert will be displayed and blend modes will remain unchanged.

See Randomill's random blend mode illustrator script in action:

See how randomizing the blend mode of a group of objects can lead to awesome results in this Rainbow Diamond Tutorial. Blend mode and opacity randomization were crucial tools used in the creation of this particular design.