Blend between multiple RGB colors seamlessly.

Easily perform color blends with multiple colors across an unlimited number of objects. This is different from Illustrator’s native blend mode in that it doesn’t require intermediate blend objects to create a multi-color blend. Just add the colors into the set and blend away.

Easily add or remove colors into the blend by adding colors into the list within the Randomill panel, and just re-execute the blend.

Use Randomill’s arrange layer order function to organize objects before blends.

Colors will be calculated based on object position in the layer stack. If object layer order is random, color blends won’t work properly. You can use the Arrange Layer Order function within Randomill to sort this out quickly.

Use in tandem with other functions.

The color blend function works best when combined with other Randomill functions such as Stroke Width Oscillation, Position Shifting, and Duplication.

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