Overview & Description

This function will iterate over a set of objects and set their stroke widths such that the last object in the selection (in terms of layer order) will have have the target stroke width.

Example Settings & Result

Let’s say you have a series of 6 squares next to each other. The top-most square in the layer stack is on the left and the bottom-most square is on the right. All squares have a stroke width of 10 pts. If you select all these squares and set the target stroke width to be 0 pts, here is what the result would be:

Square 1: Unchanged.
Square 2: 8 pt stroke width
Square 3: 6 pt stroke width
Square 4: 4 pt stroke width
Square 5: 2 pt stroke width
Square 6: 0 pt stroke width

You can see that as Randomill iterated through the squares, it set each square’s stroke width to be a value to gradually approached the target value.

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