Overview & Description

This function will iterate over a set of objects and move them such that the last object in the selection (in terms of layer order) will have be moved by the target value.

Example Settings & Result

Let’s say you have a series of 6 squares next to each other. The top-most square in the layer stack is on the left and the bottom-most square is on the right. If you select all these squares and set the target position to have a 0 pt horizontal target, and a -100 pt vertical target, here is what the result would be:

Square 1: Unchanged.
Square 2: Moved downwards 20 pts.
Square 3: Moved downwards 40 pts.
Square 4: Moved downwards 60 pts.
Square 5: Moved downwards 80 pts.
Square 6: Moved downwards 100 pts.

You can see that as Randomill iterated through the squares, it moved each square in equal increments until the last square was moved by the target value.

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